Written by Mebra; Redeemer House Social-Worker

Pascal was father to two of our children at Redeemer House, Molly and Api. Api was one of the first children of Redeemer House Ministries children’s home. In 2014 when xHope was overseeing RH and working toward family reunification, we were able to reunite Api with his father Pascal. It was soon realized that the conditions at home were not good; it was a struggle to provide food for their small family in spite of Pascal’s hard work to make papyrus mats to sell.

Redeemer House thought of a way to empower Pascal. We interviewed him for a job as our night guard and he took the position. He was hard working, dedicated, responsible and took his job very seriously; he would not allow any distractions while he was on guard. Additionally, despite his old age, he worked on the farm at Redeemer House daily.

As time progressed, Pascal’s health began to deteriorate and it became difficult for him to move. With the support of xHope Inc we were able to gift Pascal with a retirement package, enabling him to fulfill his dream of building a home in his village. He departed Redeemer House with Api so that the village elders could become acquainted with Api and they could build this home together. Less than a month after moving Pascal passed away but, he was first able to build a home for his family. Api is settling on the land and is becoming familiar with his biological family.

Pascal is survived by his two children, Molly and Api. Molly will continue to live with us at Redeemer house while Api lives in the new family home for at least a year in order to establish himself among the tribe in his village. We will greatly miss visits from Pascal and his smiling face around our home; but we thank God that he left for his children a legacy and that Redeemer House was able to be a part of their family reunification story