Today we toured Magwa School where some of our Redeemer House students attend.  It was such a reminder to us why we continue to advocate for these children to be educated.
Education here is not free, and it’s one of the only answers to poverty.  Our education sponsorship program has been a direct answer to begin preparing the next generation of Ugandans to care for their people.  Simon and Patrick are beautiful example of this.
If you have not met Patrick and Simon, we hope you get to someday.  They have been pioneers of our program and have taken the gift of education and given back to children who were in their same situation.  In fact, we are so thankful to announce that Simon is coming on staff at Redeemer House.  Simon has 1 year left of University where he will graduate with a degree in social work.  He is determined to give back to Redeemer House and will be in a full time internship with us in August and September.  I am confident that our director Mercy, and our social worker Mebra, will take the time to mentor and train Simon well. We are encouraged by the fruit in the lives of all of our students, and we rejoice when they make the decision to give back!
In fact, we have two more students who currently desire to reach the highest honors in school and have asked for us to increase their school sponsorship.  It was eye opening for us to hear that they are currently living in a home with one grandmother and 13 children. They are not feeling safe and are having a very difficult time studying.  When they eat, it is one meal a day that is provided by the sponsorship through Redeemer House.  There is abuse in the home and the children are asking to be enrolled in boarding school. This 13 year-old girl and 14 year-old brother want to study, succeed, and make a way to be free from the generation of poverty.  We want to help them!
When we are able to see what our little can do here to help these children, it’s easy to raise our hands high and say “yes.”  In fact, the minute Dylan heard of the need and the monthly sponsor amount he immediately volunteered to be their sponsor.  Not only has Dylan provided these children a way to get the best education available, he is rescuing them from abuse and providing them a meal 3 times per day.
For the cost of $35 per month WE can change a life forever.  If you would like to sponsor a Childs education please visit our website at  If you are currently sponsoring a child, you have changed a life and we want to invite you on mission to meet your student!  They love you.  They pray for you.  They are changed because of you!  You have given them a hope and changed a future generation.  We rejoice because of YOU!