We awoke this morning around 6am Uganda time, fully rested by the grace of God.  We visited CSI, Christian Sanctuary International, and we were blessed by the vision and support we received from them.  We now have trustworthy help searching for the land we hope to purchase soon for Redeemer House.  We have broadened our hopes and dreams and are specifically praying that we can open our own school in the upcoming years.

As Brittany and I packed all of our belongings into Patricks car, our only Redeemer House college graduate, we couldn’t help but to rejoice in the many items you all donated.  It’s hard for us to put into words what one pair of flip flops, or one pack of pencils, or one pair of new school shoes does to impact the orphans we love so much.   Consider this:  if someone tells you over and over, “I love you” but they never show you they love, is it difficult to believe?  When we have the opportunity to deliver gifts and make the journey to Africa,  we don’t only get to say “we love you” we get to show them we love them, you and me, we LOVE them.  They believe us!

I read today in Glimpses of Grace about Exodus 17.  Moses told Joshua to take men up to fight Amelaks army.  In the meantime Moses, and his brother Aaron and faithful friend Hur stayed at the top of the hill with the staff of God.  Anytime Moses would hold up his hand Joshua’s army would prevail; but Moses got tired.  What did his brother and friend do when He was tired?  They got Moses a stone and they physically held up Moses arms for the remainder of the day and Gods people were victorious.  Did Moses do it alone?  No!  No!  No!

This story hit me hard this morning as I looked thru the bags of supplies that we were able to bring to Redeemer House.  Do you all know that the week before I arrived here I was too tired to shop for these supplies?  Do you know that I couldn’t finish paperwork in time?  Did you know that EVERY ONE OF YOU who donated money for the supplies, went shopping for supplies, purchased overalls for our groundskeepers, dropped of school supplies and school shoes, prayed for this trip and volunteered to help at home while we are away are holding up “our arms?”  Did you know this story of Redeemer House is also your story to tell?

I can’t name all of the hands who have reached out to make this ministry possible and this specific mission trip, but you know who you are.  Please KNOW that it’s a lot of us doing a little bit that is providing a home for 14 children and school fees for 46 others.  I am rejoicing this evening as I reflect on the little we were able to bring this trip and the ripple effect it has already had on these little children.  When God sends us, He provides all our needs and more!

Tonight is coming to an end and we wanted to make sure, that even though we get the awesome privilege of being here, you all get the awesome privilege of knowing you sent us.  We love you!  We are a body of Christ serving across the streets and across the seas.