It’s a new morning!

Yesterday was a full day at Redeemer House and “moving about.”  We had several visitors come to Jinja yesterday to see the ministry of Redeemer House and to pray and participate in what we are doing here.  In fact, in one day, we had 5 pastors visit!  2 pastors were from Kampala, 2 local pastor and 1 pastor who traveled all the way here from Kenya.  It’s a true sacrifice to see the effort each displayed in making it here.  They really gave a lot, even more than they had, to get here.

We met with Pastor Lucky and Pastor Angel to see land here in Jinja.  This land is a 5-10 acre lot, luscious and beautiful, located very near where we currently reside.  The land is owned by a 75 year old local, retired pastor whom is the dad of pastor Lucky.  After walking the land we were asked to sit under a large tree where the eldest pastor and owner of the land began to sing.  Our purpose was to see land, His purpose was to preach the word of God first!  He pulled out his bible and began to teach.  I was memorized by his wisdom and honored just to sit near him and watch such a man of God teach.  The passion, commitment, and love of the word broke me.  He preached from several sections but when he read John Chapter 8 I was gently reminded that many of us day we are “free in Christ,” however, we still walk in fear to follow God anywhere and everywhere He asks us to go?  When we are set free, we are free indeed!  Free to walk in faith, obey, believe without seeing, and follow God wherever He may take us…even if it costs is a lot, more than we may have!

The land costs a lot, more than we have.  BUT, we prayed and we asked God to make a way.  Perhaps a change of heart for the owner to sell for less or for God to provide is what we need.  We are believing God is making a way.

After our land adventure we were greeted at the gate by Pastor Godfrey from Kenya and Pastor Simon from Jinja, two pastors who partner with our home church, Reflect Church.  To see the JOY as they greeted us and the sacrifice it was to travel here, I was reminded of the true honor this culture shows.  Their hospitality here and the way the will lay down everything to be with brothers and sisters of the faith is a beautiful example.  We visited, we read the word, we had them to our guest house for dinner, and we will be greeted by them again early this morning when they pick us up on Boda Boda’s to spend the day speaking at Pastor Simons local church.

To be honest, last night I was overly exhausted.  I needed rest.  We have been on the move since we arrived and much has been accomplished.  I needed a good nights rest, BUT the lightening, wind and rain kept that from happening.  I laid in bed last night pleading with God for rest…knowing I would be exerting a lot today speaking to a Ugandan Church and spending the day in prayer and worship with them(for those who do not know, it’s an all day kind of worship!)…BUT I kept hearing my spirit say, “sleep is not your rest, I am your rest.”  In Matthew 11:28 Jesus says “come to me, all who labor and are heavy burdened, and I will give you rest.”  I did.  Although physically I desire a nap and I am already thinking of sleep this afternoon, I am encouraged to press thru and reply on Jesus for all I need today to speak His truths and words to a church full of beautiful Uganda sisters and brothers who long to know and understand the LOVE of our great God!

And so I leave you with this?  Are you tired?  Have you been “moving about” all week and have had little sleep?  Be reminded, our sleep is not our rest, our rest is in Jesus Christ and what He has already done in our place.  Find your rest in Him today.

Please pray as we prepare to visit and exhort the church today in Uganda!