It’s morning here in Jinja.  We had a full night of rest and we are eager to enjoy the day with the kids again.  Yesterday was such a JOY!

After the 3 hour drive from Kampala to Jinja yesterday, which is usually when most of my anxiety arises, we were welcomed at Providence Guest House by our good friends John and Terrina Dutton.  It’s incredible to be in Africa with them at the same time, as they were the friends who brought Rick here in 2008 when everything changed for us!  The year Rick first met Nebeyu and came home to build xHope Missions.  The year God broke our heart for the orphan and the fatherless.  The year we said “yes” God our life is all yours.

After unpacking the gifts we brought them for the guest house we headed to town to exchange money.  But not before our american missionary, Mary met is at the guest house with a huge smile and a huge embrace.  We brought her and Terrina chocolate, they both really LOVE us:).

While downtown we tried to buy “chicken on a stick” from the street vendors but they were all out, Brittany calls it “stickin.”  I am actually “stickin” to the idea that because the chicken was sold out, God was protecting us from something maybe we shouldn’t have been eating anyway, lol!

We finally arrived to Redeemer House where we were greeted by the biggest smiles in all the world!  We hear “auntie Wendi” and “auntie Brittany” coming from behind the gates as we drive in and little Ugandan children embracing us when we open the car door.  The feeling, imagine it….the little children you get to provide for and speak up for and give a hope and a future in Christ Jesus know you love them.  They know you traveled across the world just because you love them.  The embrace last all day. We cuddle.  We read stories.  We laugh.  We play games.  We are blessed to be here!

We returned to the guest house for dinner around 7pm and then we went back to Redeemer House to have devotional and worship with the staff and kids.  My favorite part is when they give thanks for all their sponsors and they pray specifically for each family.  How sweet the sound of their prayers are…it’s beautiful to hear and see.  They know who our God is.  They know who has rescued them from being an orphan and who has adopted them into the family of God.  They know Jesus chose them by name and will never leave them or forsake them.  They know that he uses us to give them good gifts and they turn all the glory back to the hero of the story…Jesus!  It’s beautiful!

After we returned home around 10:30pm we rinsed off our red dirt covered bodies and we slept thru the night.  It’s a new day….

And we are off to see our kiddos soon.  Please continue to pray as we meet with staff and our lawyer.  We need “God speed” on paperwork and vision that can only come from God to move forward with His perfect plans for each of our children.