10 years of Hope, Love, Education and Forever Family for Brian

You never really know how your choices will impact another person until you are somewhere down the line a little. It’s true in our work at Redeemer House as well. Years ago, we met a boy named Brian. He was the cutest, with the biggest smile and a heart of gold. Our hearts connected to him the second we met him in 2009—our first trip to Uganda.  He was one of the ten students we came home to find education sponsors for.  It was the beginning of “drops” into the education bucket for these children, but it was more than that for Rick and I, so we thought.

This was a special trip for us because it was also our trip to adopt our son Nebeyu from Ethiopia. The boys reminded us so much of one another—both similar in age, hard-working, and both the oldest boys in the orphanage.

We decided that we would also pursue adoption for Brian. We had assumed, because he was in the children’s home, that he would be adoptable. In our minds this next step made perfect sense!

After the investigation began with our social worker we quickly learned that Brian had a biological family, alive and well, and willing to care for him. It was then that our mission to adopt Brian changed and became more about seeing Brian placed back in his biological, forever family.

After 10 years of relationship with Brian, our recent education celebration embodied the love, the commitment, and the true desire we have as an organization to see children placed back in their biological homes whenever possible.  It is our honor to reunify families and empower these children all the way across the world.

Brian‘s testimony is a story similar to many children in Uganda. We meet children with parents who love them and want the opportunity to raise their own children, but perhaps they need support to do so. This is why xHope continues to partner with Redeemer House to do the hard work of rehabilitating family members. Brian’s story gives sense to why we use financial resources for social workers to serve alongside these families making it possible for the family to raise their own children.

This winter we were able to meet Brian’s mom and sisters as his American sponsors for the very first time.  This memory and picture will be forever embedded in my mind.  It certainly spurs me on to continue inviting others to sponsor a child’s education through Redeemer House.


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January 18, 2019

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