Guest Blogger:  Ellie Harrison

Today we went to church at CSI and it was amazing. We were treated so nicely and all the people were so welcoming. We got up in front of the church, some of the team shared their testimonies and we all sang so many worship songs. Then the singers invited us to dance around the church with others and it was so fun. We were brought up in front of the church to dance. We danced with the kids and it was so much fun.  The joy is contagious.

Then we went to a cultural fair. The things that they did were amazing. I was so surprised because they had huge drums that they balanced on their heads, people did flips and the women balanced pots on their heads. It was absolutely amazing to see what they could do. Then after that we all went on the stage and started dancing and it was fun.

Guest blogger Robyn Scott

Wow! What an amazing day! Today we went to church up at CSI. They started worshiping and praying at 9am and they sent for us around 10:30am. We walked in and were seated in the front row. Everyone was so welcoming and happy to see us. Once we all were there the rain started coming down. I couldn’t believe the storm! It was pouring so hard, you could barely see outside! The people were singing and dancing and then grabbed our hand as we sang and danced in a big circle waving flags around the room. There were times where the thunder was so loud that it seemed like God was worshiping to the beat right along with us. I was amazed at the emotion that came over me during certain songs. We worshiped and danced for over 4 hours. We were introduced and they thanked us for traveling so far and coming to visit them. I have never felt so close to God. It was an unbelievable experience to worship and pray with the people of CSI.