Blog By: Wendi Cross

As I gaze upon the literal “harvest” of maze (corn), I also have eyes to see the “harvest” of a beautiful brick wall, a water well, a children’s home, an outdoor kitchen, a van, and a property full of lush vegetables and healthy farm animals.  I am in “awe.”

Before I left for this trip, my Missionary friend and one of the women in my life whom I admire greatly sent me this message, “I keep hearing the Lord say it is harvest season. During harvest it is all hands on deck, so much work and so much celebration.”  She was 100% correct!  It is harvest season at Redeemer House.

During harvest season we take the maze off the stalks and we husk each one, piling them up on a large tarp to dry, whereby next they will be made into posho.  This posho provides food for our children and staff for 3-4 months.  We have also prayed for God to teach us how to become more and more self-sustaining at Redeemer House and He has answered.  Brick by brick and seed by seed, we are becoming more and more self-sustaining.

As our xHope team, which has grown from 18 team members to 23 (we have 4 Ugandan young men that work side-by-side with us in every mission here) works diligently in the fields, I am reminded of God’s faithfulness and the many partners we have back home that have “planted seeds” here.  From sponsorships to Christmas catalog purchases to Bricks and Buckets pledges and land campaign donations, so MANY have played a part in this harvest.  Thank you Jesus and thank you to ALL of you for your investment, but mostly, your prayers!

We worked hard today.  We walked through the corn fields pulling down each ear of corn and husking it.  Some surprised us with insects and worms and mold, while others were beautifully grown and displayed the sweet, yellow kernels in perfectly made rows.  One of the kids said, “Wow auntie Wendi, I’ve never seen muzungus (white people) harvest corn before.  You are all doing a very good job.”  It’s true, we had never harvested corn but we were not afraid to work hard and get dirty today, in fact we were rejoicing as the maze piled high on the dirty, black tarp.

After completing the harvest we had a fun day of games, worship, fellowship and food.  Our Redeemer House family worked all day to prepare rolex for lunch and fresh chicken and rice for dinner in our new outdoor kitchen.

Last June our mission team had the awesome privilege of funding and assisting in building the outdoor kitchen.  What an incredible gift to come back and see this kitchen completed and useful.  In that kitchen stories are shared, music is played, friendships are ignited, and the joy is overflowing.  The sound of our older kids and our staff talking and working side-by-side in that kitchen all day was the purest form of hospitality and love on display.  I’m thankful I was able to see it.

Next trip I anticipate seeing the “harvest” of the pre-school we were able to set up today.  Thank-you to all who purchased supplies and sent us with items for the classroom.  It’s beautiful!  It’s perfect!  It’s ready for 16 littles (ages 3 to 5) to be welcomed in, to be loved, cared for, encouraged in their faith, and educated.  They are lined up “waiting,” may God help us know that even though we can not accept them all, we are doing what we can to change one life at a time.

Prayers work!  When we had the God given vision to grow Redeemer House into a self-sustaining “city on a hill” that would be used to bring many to Christ, we knew it would take many laborers.  We prayed.  We asked.  We waited.  This is our largest mission team of 23 and I humbly THANK GOD for sending each one.  We have labored hard today with great joy and humility.

“And he said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”  Luke 10:2

He did just that!  Will you labor alongside us?  Join us on mission, your life will never be the same.