Guest Blogger: Pastor Molech Blythe

On this day we all woke up embracing as always our devotional time with each other. Each day has been a blessing and a joy to look forward too, but on this day there was a different feeling. Although our hearts prepared to worship God Almighty our minds understood this will be the last time we spend with the Redeemer House children. The thoughts of not seeing these wonderful children who have blessed our lives, at least in the near future can be daunting. The King we serve always shows how in touch He is with His people though. The lesson for devotional was “Generous”.

While the group began to study and communicate the lesson, the Holy Spirit brought peace about the situation and encouraged our focus towards generosity at Redeemer House. We began to feel generous in our opportunity to serve and love one another. Devotion time with the Lord was a WIN for growth and joy towards the day.

Today’s outreach was at King Fisher Safari, at the source of the Nile. The excursion we would enjoy with the Redeemer kids was to sail the Nile with the missionary team and the youth. We each boarded the boats in numbers of 10 to 15 and took sail starting in Lake Victoria and cruising down the Nile River. The same Nile River God demonstrated His power through books of the Bible like Genesis, Exodus and Jeremiah. A majority of the team and children on the boats are singing unto the Lord while others are taking in God’ beauty and creation. Time with the Lord on Lake Victoria and the Nile River was a WIN as the team and Redeemer House were Generous towards God for this moment in time to share with one another.

Last but not least, the entire group heads over to the swimming pool area. There are some who can swim, some who cannot and some who desire to swim. Those that cannot or did not want to swim sat back and enjoyed the party like atmosphere in and around the pool. Those who could swim began teaching those who could not swim and before you knew it, those who never experienced the water up close and personal became joyful individuals engulfed in it, swimming on top and under the water.

Then there were the FOUR. These FOUR individuals were excited for the pool. They more than any other may have been thinking about the water all day. It wasn’t that they were the best swimmers. It wasn’t the fear of the water and an ability not to swim. It wasn’t because the day was extremely hot and they needed to cool down. They are the FOUR because they consciously made a decision to be baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. These FOUR embraced the opportunity and the moment to not only be baptized in Uganda, Africa but to follow the example of our Lord Jesus as he said to John the Baptist in Matthew 3:15 “Let it be so now; it is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness.” One of the FOUR gave their life to the Lord the night before. As each individual was baptized, all who came to swim, rejoiced for them, with them and with the Kingdom of God. These FOUR did not make the decision because the others were. They each viewed this moment as priceless, important and necessary just like Jesus did. It is a moment we all will never forget.

Experiencing God in support and celebration of the baptisms was a WIN as the team and Redeemer House were Generous towards each other for this moment and God’s grace.

The time we all began the day thinking about and dreading has finally arrived. It is the time when we say goodbye to these awesome children. For me this trip was in the planning process a year ago with my goddaughter Jazmyn Ward. We at the time believed, as we joined this group of missionaries on the journey to Uganda, that we would find ourselves blessing and loving the orphan to demonstrate God’s faithfulness, Jesus sacrifice, and the Holy Spirits counseling through Truth. Although each and every missionary on this team demonstrated this, without a doubt every missionary on the team would agree it was the children and the staff at Redeemer House that gave us God’s faithfulness, Jesus sacrifice and the Holy Spirits teaching through Truth. We are truly blessed to have shared this moment in time with Redeemer House children and staff who demonstrated the never ending and empowering love of Jesus.

Our day today from start to finish was HUGE WIN as the team and Redeemer House children along with staff were Generous towards each other and gained new family members in the name of Jesus Christ. My prayer for all who read this blog is to connect yourself to someone or something bigger than yourself. Allow God to show you His greatness and to impact your life with new revelations and a deeper relationship with Him. If you do not know the Lord Jesus, He died for the opportunity of a relationship with you. I promise you, getting to know Jesus will be the best thing you have ever done. God bless you all and thank you for sharing this moment in time with us.