Guest blogger: Poppy Mojica

Our morning started with a beautiful time of devotion as a team with special guest, Pastor Tucker, who prayed over us before having one more delicious breakfast prepared by Angel. She seriously makes the best loaded eggs, chipati, and cucumber and tomato salad.

Leaving Kampala and our CSI family today was bitter sweet because we have grown to love the many wonderful people we got to spend the last few days with. There were many hugs, pictures, and “see you laters” rather than the typical goodbyes. I have a feeling many of us will meet up again with these people we now call family. They gave us an open invitation to come back any time to their home, and many of us let them know they would have several homes back in the USA to stay at if they ever wanted to make a visit to the states. Fingers crossed they will take us up on the offer!

I would say that traveling from the city of Kampala to the small town of Jinja is like nothing I have ever experienced before. First of all, they drive on the wrong side of the road and have the driver sitting in the right hand side of the car. Yeah, I guess it is like the European countries, but still, just weird for us mazungas (otherwise known as people from the USA). Secondly, they clearly don’t have the same rules of the road as we do. I think the rule is “every car has the right of way as long as you get your fender out there before the other cars”. And watch out for the boda bodas, which we call motorcycles or mopeds, because I think there are more of them than there are cars. Lastly, it is a common thing to see cows and goats wandering amongst the people on the side of the streets. I think that is probably the most bizarre yet interesting thing to see driving here in Uganda. You’d think I never saw a farm animal before with the number of pictures I took of them. LOL.

After several stops, many miles, and a traffic police checkpoint, which was definitely a little intimidating, we made it to the Providence guest house. Let me just tell you, this place is amazing. I feel like I am in Costa Rica. The house is beautiful, surrounded by colorful shrubbery, trees, and vibrant flowers. It has a peaceful backyard with a covered back patio and monkeys running around. Seriously…monkeys! Everyone got settled in and began relaxing for the rest of the day. Soccer games were played, card games were a hit, and we had many guests come to visit. I am so impressed by this beautiful place.

After a late night last night, we all went to bed early in preparation for our first day at the Redeemer House orphanage tomorrow. Oh my goodness…I can hardly wait since this will be our first time meeting the kiddos we have heard so much about.

Please keep the prayers coming as we still have so much more to complete and do on this mission trip. We are definitely seeing God’s hands at work while we are serving the people of Uganda! Lives are being changed for both the people we have been able to work with as well as all of our mission team.