Guest Blogger: Jazmyn Ward

As morning devotion and breakfast came to an end missionaries scattered to finish packing for a day of outreach at Redeemer House. We piled into the vans and made our way through Jinja. Our vans passed men, women, and children, selling fruit and clothing from hand made wooden shacks, carrying bowls of water over their heads, and bathing babies in front of their homes. The team recognized the blessing of clean air in America as clouds of smog and dirty vehicle exhaust slapped us in the face. Only a street away from the orphanage our vans pass groups of children and babies running after us and shouting “Mazungu, Mazungu” (white people) as the team waves back with a smile.

Packed like a can of sardines the team unpiles from the van. Within seconds of stepping foot onto the dirt, little hands are reaching in the windows screaming all of our names with cries of joy. The smiles on our Redeemer House babies were as big as the sun. They were full of excitement to see us return to the house again. The day began with praise and worship songs, introductions, and prayer. Around 60-70 sponsored children gathered at redeemer house to be apart of the outreach event.

Amongst a variety of different age groups and different activities, children learned about the birth of Jesus, wrote letters to their sponsors, gathered in worship, picked out a new pair of shoes, and more. Within the rotations and different groups missionaries made relationships and connections with the children. The children expressed how grateful they are to have a sponsor and how each sponsor has changed their life for the better. We shared lunch with them and ended the day with a celebration full of dancing (Wendi led the electric slide), laughter, and fellowship. Last, the children were blessed with gift bags that contained a mosquito net and blanket. As usual, when you’re having fun, time flies and sadly missionaries said their goodbyes and packed back into the vans. We are changing my lives one child at a time!