Frequently Asked Questions

How did xHope get started?
Our team began in 2010 as Hands of Hope Missions, a division of the non-profit 501(c)3 organization Heavenly Hope Ministries.  Hands of Hope Missions was created to be His hands where ever we go. As we have grown, we have realized our dream and have been able to branch off and spread our own wings as our very own 501(c)3 nonprofit, XHOPE, Inc.
Are my donations to xHope tax deductible?
YES! We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Our federal tax ID number is 45-2028907.
How is xHope, Inc. related to Redeemer House?
xHope has supported Redeemer House since our very first mission trip in 2010. In 2013, we discovered that Redeemer House was in need of accounting help. Due to some errors on their part, they had lost their nonprofit status and needed guidance. Since we were already partnering with them and had been prayerfully considering having an orphanage of our own in Uganda someday, we believed it was time to act and step out in faith for such a time as this! This means that Redeemer House is no longer a separate organization from xHope, but rather a new branch of xHope, Inc. We are now operating as the parent organization, and Redeemer House operates as a DBA under us. We oversee their finances and make sure Redeemer House Orphanage remains a viable and healthy organization. Both our mission and Redeemer House’s mission remains the same, and ultimately it means that God has answered our prayers to help the vulnerable children in Uganda without needing to start our own orphanage! And YOU can help us by becoming a SPONSOR of our Redeemer House ministry!
Are the board members of xHope paid?
Our entire Executive Board is comprised of volunteers. No board members draw a salary from xHope. Any money that is donated to xHope, Inc. is utilized to further our mission. $0.97 on the dollar goes directly to the mission. $0.03 goes to administrative costs.
How do I know my money donated is going to be used wisely?

Are you curious as to how we use your donated funds? Check out our Sponsor Page to see where xHope, Inc. utilizes all donations. Right now we are supporting all the operating costs of Redeemer House Orphanage in Uganda, educational sponsorships for the students there as well as in neighboring villages, providing support to local businesses in Uganda that allow widows to make a decent living wage, and much more. Our entire executive board of directors works as volunteers. None of them draw a salary from this organization. This way your donated money is utilized where it is needed most – to help those in need. Your donations keep our ministry running and allow us to coordinate mission trips to Uganda to meet the children and staff of Redeemer House and provide to our local foster children and families.

Whatever happened to the 61 Acres campaign? Where did that money go?

We are excited to announce the $30,000 raised during the campaign has purchased 5 acres in Butiki, Uganda. Our land development project has been underway and we have built Redeemer House. Our new home consists of a clinic, outdoor office, 2 missionary quarters, inside kitchen and living area, as well as 2 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms. We now have enough space to host up to 6 long-term missionaries, 4 staff, and 12-16 children. We also have a guard shack and gazebo for bible study and meetings. Thank-You for making it possible! Please follow the progress on this “land development” as our future plans include a school, farming, and 4 additional foster care homes.

Do you have a question for us at xHope, Inc. that was not answered here? Please email us or visit our Contact Us page and we can help you!